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DOH Visit Frequently Asked Questions

Will the DOH conduct an on-site investigation as a result of our complaints, and when will it happen?

As part of the investigation into our staffing complaints, it is possible–but not certain–that the DOH will complete an on-site investigation. If so, it will likely be unannounced and could occur at any time.

Regardless of whether they visit, we know the DOH has already begun a thorough investigation of our complaints and is taking our staffing concerns seriously. 

Will DOH investigators approach me to ask questions? Can I get in trouble for telling them the truth?

Investigators may ask you questions about the staffing on your unit, your working conditions, or anything else related to your job. You should answer honestly because as long as you are truthful, speaking with the DOH is a protected activity. You can not be punished, retaliated against, or intimidated if you choose to speak with the DOH.

Do I have a right to refuse to answer questions? 

Yes, but the reason the investigator is asking questions is to get a better understanding from you, a frontline healthcare provider, what your staffing and working conditions are actually like. Withholding information means they won’t get your perspective of the conditions you are facing every day. Remember, as long as you are truthful, you are protected!

What are my protections?

The Clinical Staffing Law clearly prohibits retaliation or intimidation in Section 9. Additionally, speaking honestly with the DOH is also protected under law. If you feel uncomfortable or require guidance from your Union, please reach out!