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After years of hard work and advocacy by CWA members, on May 4, 2021, the New York State legislature voted overwhelmingly to pass two safe staffing bills for our hospitals and nursing homes!



  • Require hospitals to create staffing committees made up of worker representatives and management.
  • Make staffing plans enforceable by the Department of Health.
  • Direct the Department of Health to mandate staffing ratios in intensive and critical care units.
  • Require staffing data to routinely be made publicly available to all on the Department’s website.
  • Allow the DOH to investigate and impose stiff civil penalties against hospitals that fail to 1) form a staffing committee and create a staffing plan 2) resolve violations of their plan.


 Nursing Home Staffing Levels (S.6346/A.7119)

  • Require 3.5 hours of direct patient care in nursing homes, per resident, per day.